Email Reflector

Email Reflector

The email reflector for the Eau Claire Amateur Radio Club is a convenient way to stay in touch with other local Amateur Radio operators, to have group conversations and to share information with everyone at once. You can receive email reflector messages individually or as a daily digest.
This is a great way to advertise equipment for sale, ask for help and advice, etc.


To sign up for the ECARC email reflector go to

Under the area “Subscribing to ECARC” enter the following:


Email Address
Name and/or call sign (Callsign is required. Your request will be denied if callsign is not included)
Password (so you can come back and change your options)
Confirm your password


Answer the question “Would you like to receive list mail batched in a daily digest? Yes / No

Once you have filled out the form click “Subscribe” and your request will be sent to our administrator for approval to join the email reflector.


Once approved you will be able to send messages to and it will be reflected to the other subscribers. Just remember pictures and attachments will not be forwarded on our email reflector.